Specifically, there are five major scholarship functions for which these offices are responsible:
  • Institutional Scholarships include, but are not limited to: the Regents', National, Presidential, UNM Scholars, Omega, PACE and Transfer Scholarships. These programs are funded by several sources, including outside private donations;
  • State Funded Scholarships include, but are not limited to: NM Legislative Lottery Scholarship, Amigo and NM Scholars. These programs are funded by the state of New Mexico;
  • Departmental Scholarships are selected at the department levels, but the actual student awarding and administration is handled within this office;
  • Private and Outside Scholarships include hundreds of programs which flow through our process. These programs are also selected by outside mechanisms, but are ultimately included in our scholarship process.
  • Graduation Incentives such as the Aim to Achieve / Finish in Four program designed to help further reduce the cost of undergraduate degrees for eligible first time students by covering tuition cost in the final semester.

Overall, these offices oversee the administration of over 50 million dollars in scholarships awarded each year at the University of New Mexico.

Important! All scholarships are dependent on funding availability and are subject to change.

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Policies & Procedures for Non-Lottery Scholarships

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